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Pilar&Javier | Wedding photographers in Salamanca, Spain

When we spoke with Pilar and Javier for the first time on Skype, we knew they were like us, and at the party held the day before the wedding, we confirmed it several times. What a great way to start a celebration! From the beginning, we felt super warm with all the wedding guests. While the couple was receiving their relatives, we talked with Nuria, Arturo, Manolo… a succession of super nice people. We still remember as if it were yesterday how much we laughed with Javier! Really, we are very fortunate to work for people like that.

As wedding photographers, we love it when the bride and groom dress up at the same Hotel. In this way, we all spare the coming and going, and we can enjoy the wedding with more tranquility. Thank you! In this case, it was at the beautiful Palacio San Esteban in Salamanca. In the preparations, we like to capture all that illusion, nerves and little anecdotes that happen with family and friends. At the end of the day, we are dedicated to capturing memory moments.

For the couple of photos, we bet on dividing the session in two. We took a few photos before the ceremony in the Convento de las Dueñas, and others taking advantage of the beautiful sunset we had in the farm Las Ahijaderas de Pedro llên (Salamanca). The wedding photographers in Salamanca must be accustomed to these summer sunsets, but we who live among mountains enjoy as gnomes do of that magical light.

Many colleagues know us because of the use of a somewhat dramatic “black and white”. However, this wedding is pure color. It could not be any other way. The dresses, the flowers, the warmth of the hotel lamps… an explosion of colors that we try to reflect in the report.

Thank you very much, Pilar and Javier. We hope you like the story!

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