Fotógrafos de boda. Hondarribia, Gipuzkoa


Okay, it is undeniable that photographers love to be involved in weddings that happen in spectacular places such as London. Not to mention how gorgeous it shows in Christmas time. However, leaving the location aside, this couple and familiar photographic report has awaken our emotional side and provided us with experiences with people with which we feel to have very much in common.

It is well known that we are not very devoted to seek for remote places for our photographic sessions. We consider ourselves as practical and luckily, busy, so travelling involves an agenda and mind alteration that we are not quite willing to face. Nevertheless, when we really feel moved by our couples we go for it no matter what it takes and love to come back home with a good taste in our mouths. Such feelings describe Iera and Pau’s case, who decided to celebrate their postwedding session in London.

The truth is that, we usually do not feel very enthusiastic about postwedding reports. We see them as dispersed pictures of the couple in places with an evident lack of history. We feel that the context itself is missing making us feel uncomfortable and not sincere enough.

Even with that, this time we had to remain our big mouths shut, which made us even more encouraged. A postwedding turned into a journey? Sure, we want more postweddings like this! A journey of mutual regards, cozy coffee breaks in cafes, never ending natters and existential revelations… An adventure in an incredible city where we mixed urban and familiar photographic reports with street photography. An explosive combination of colours, emotions and memories, in which both leading role and supporting role actors were an essential part of the history.

Actually, if we had to choose only one thing, it would be the humanity of both this couple and their marvellous family. We love to remember all those silly gestures that have specially drawn our attention, such as how Iera’s face turning girlish when she is exhausted after a long day or the way Pau knits his brows when he directly witnesses an insolent waiter’s flirting attempt towards Iera.

Thank you very much to this family that has embraced us in such an unconditional way. We feel very thankful for making us feel part of the family as if we were lifelong cousins. In fact, despite of having missed the return flight and suffering a sudden anger outburst as a consequence, we still believe that was worth it to spend more hours with you guys. It has been a pleasure to have you as team mates, and even better as friends.

This is a glance of what your postwedding report in London will look like.

Restaurant Ametsa (Helena Arzak) and The Montcalm London Marble Arch

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