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Wedding in Valencia, Spain | Mandragora Photographers

Who would have told us a few years ago that we were going to photograph a wedding in Valencia, Spain! We live in a global society and our photos end up getting to every corner of the world. This year we have to travel by road, step into airports… and we are delighted. It is great for us to get to know new places and traditions that stimulate our creativity. Many people ask us, are not there wedding photographers in Valencia, Spain? Of course, and very good ones. However, nowadays couples look for their photographers due to their style and philosophy, beyond the place where they reside.

The wedding of Cristina & Santi began with the Cristina’s preparations. We love evening weddings! Especially, since the bride can live her wedding without so much haste and enjoying every moment. As photographers, we love to be with the groom and bride in the preparations, because it is a relaxed moment in which we can portray better the personality of the bride and groom and their friends and family. Another advantage of getting married in the afternoon is to enjoy a more pleasant temperature, even more if the wedding takes place in the Southern part of Spain.

After saying, Yes I Want! In the cathedral of Valencia, the bride and groom went to Masía Aldamar in a brand-new Cadillac (Sauclass). When they arrived, we took the opportunity to take some photos of the couple. We love candles and the headlights of these farms! In addition, to look great in the pictures they create an intimate atmosphere that we love. A wedding in Valencia, Spain would not be such without a personalized stamp as fireworks and firecrackers. A spectacular proclamation announcing that it was time to start moving the hips.

Thank you very much Cristina, Santi and all the wedding guests for taking care of us so that we feel at home.



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