Fotógrafos de boda. Hondarribia, Gipuzkoa

Wedding in Otazu Winery. Navarra

Maite and David decided to celebrate their wedding in Otazu Winery (Navarra, Spain). A beautiful place for an unforgettable celebration. We always say that each wedding is unique, and this is because all of us are different. It is these particularities and special situations that make each wedding an unrepeatable event

August 17 and a sun shining on the horizon. We took the car to head to David’s house. Normally we begin with the brides makeup, but this time Maite gave the witness. Then we understood why. We love the preparations that take place in a family atmosphere. With a mixture of nerves and good humor, David dressed and we climbed some floors to visit his grandmother. There, the lady was waiting for us, elegant and eager to see her grandson before saying yes. It is these moments that we love to photograph. Moments full of emotion and authenticity.

What happened at Otazu Winery was not for less. A beautiful grove, speeches that made tears jump, rings to swear fidelity and a kiss to seal the love they feel for each other. But this was not over! Maite suddenly surprised everyone with a gift to David. A pacifier-shaped gift that made everyone present stand up. A moment of total ecstasy.

We have made 500 weddings and we continue to remember each and every one of them. Not for the flowers, rings, dresses and other accessories, but for all these exciting moments, unexpected surprises and other curious anecdotes that happen at weddings. Brief fleeting moments that we capture so that you keep them for a lifetime.

Thank you very much Maite and David !. We hope you like the report! A hug,

Unai & Xabi

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Boda en Bodegas Otazu. Música by Dj Nemux.


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