Fotógrafos de boda. Hondarribia, Gipuzkoa

Wedding in New York. Nora&Aron

If there is a city that is a fetish for any photographer, that is New York. Its buildings, monuments, history… it’s an iconic city over others. Each of its corners reminds us of a movie or series, and somehow everyone is familiar with walking through its streets. Therefore, we hallucinated when we were presented with the opportunity to photograph a wedding in New York.

As it was a Jewish wedding, we learned a lot about their traditions. We loved the Shabbat the day before the wedding. We remember it because of the views to Central Park, Sinatra’s songs and especially the much-felt speeches that were dedicated. The place of the ceremony also left us speechless. The impressive Cipriani of Wall Street styled as the thousand wonders with all kinds of flowers and lights.

We could also talk about the pictures we made with views of the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, or the New York subway. However, what most caught our attention about this wedding was the people. Among them, we perceived love, friendship and much desire to celebrate. We had been told the march in Venezuelan weddings, but we were really surprised by the joy and rhythm that was there. The groom and bride did not leave the dance floor at any time and when they finished they were still energetic to take pictures in Times Square and the new York library!!! No words. A movie wedding.

Nora, Aron, we wish you a life full of happiness. In the Basque Country, you have some friends for whatever you need.

Boda Judía en Nueva YorkBoda en Nueva York Shabat judio. Boda en Nueva YorkFoto de preparativo. Boda en Nueva YorkFoto de boda en Times Square, Nueva YorkCeremonia Judia. Boda en Cipriani Wall Street Nueva York Foto de boda en Puente de BrooklynFoto de boda en Metro de Nueva YorkBoda judio venezolana en Nueva York Foto de boda en metro de nueva yorkHora judia. Boda en Cipriani Nueva York Fotos de pareja en metro de Nueva York Retrato de novia. Boda en Nueva YorkPreparativos de novia. Taxis. Nueva YorkBoda Venezolana en Nueva York. Aron y NoraFoto de boda en Central Park. Nueva York Hora. Baile judio. Boda en Nueva YorkFoto de boda en puente de Brooklyn. Nueva York Jupá. Boda judio venezolana en Nueva York.Boda en Cipriani Wall Street. Nueva YorkFoto de boda en Times Square. Nueva York Foto de boda en Toro de Wall Street. Nueva York

Thanks also to our super Helpers Romina and Marco, the artists Diego and Alex (Alagua Cinema) and the organization of Jassi and Jennifer (JGroup events). It has been a pleasure to share with you this beautiful wedding in New York.


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