Fotógrafos de boda. Hondarribia, Gipuzkoa

Wedding in Maria Cristina Luxury Hotel. San Sebastián

All weddings are special to us, and we remember each of them with love. In them we have lived many stories, curious anecdotes and exciting moments. Someday we will make a podcast chapter dedicated exclusively to all these experiences. And what will we remember about this wedding at the Maria Cristina luxury Hotel (San Sebastian)?

First of all we will remember it for its tranquility. The entire wedding was held at the Maria Cristina luxury Hotel, from the groom’s preparations to the ceremony and lunch. In most weddings we have to move from one location to another, and that creates a stress (parking, traffic ..). In this case we were able to jump from Mazi’s room to Amaia’s by simply walking down a hall. Wonderful!. We took the photo session completely in the hotel hall. For our photography style we prefer to bet on only one place, as long as it has potential. We take advantage of the recesses of the hotel and its light entrances to make both individual and couple portraits.

Knowing that Edurne and Virginia, from Sunday Atelier, were in charge was an extra reason for tranquility. Event organizers make our work easier, and this contributes to the creativity of the photos. They gathered for the occasion a great team of professionals; The dress of the bride by Gorka Cintero, the beauty touches of Garbi Garai, the music of our beloved Dj Nemux and the floral decoration by Villa Flores. Dream team!

In mandrágora we have performed weddings of different cultures, such as Chinese or Jewish. This year we had two weddings with Persian tradition, and we are delighted. In this case it was half Persian half Basque. Everyone joined as a single family on the dance floor, to move their hips and celebrate the union of this handsome couple.

Zorionak !!


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