Fotógrafos de boda. Hondarribia, Gipuzkoa

Wedding in Itxasbide. San Sebastian

When a bride tells you that her wedding dress has been made in Istanbul and that on top of that, it is inspired by a design of one of Katherine Hepburn’s films, we can not avoid to count the days for her wedding.

Cristina and Txetxu invited us some months ago and told us how they were planning it. It was an intimate wedding, with 50 guests including their most loved ones and friends. The location they chose was San Sebastian (Basque Country) and celebrated their wedding in the city hall, and then in best place to have San Sebastian’s perfect sea sights, Finca Itxas Bide (Igeldo).

We gave a more cinematographic vision to San Sebastian, even trying to confuse the background with other famous places of the world, such New York. We always try hard to have a different point of view in typical places where we are used to walk by.

Thank you very much to our couple and specially to Leire from 20eventos que se encargó de poner la guinda a un pastel como Itxas Bide who was in charge of every detail. We also want to highlight the incredible service offered by Divinus Catering and to Hugo Dj or making us laugh and feel even more comfortable.

It has been a wedding full of friends, colour, karaoke and loads of laughter.



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