Fotógrafos de boda. Hondarribia, Gipuzkoa

Basque Country, Why not?

When we met Cat and Brendan in our studio, the first thing that we needed to ask them was: “Why are you getting married in the Basque Country? The answer was overwhelming: Why not? Such attitude was enough for us to understand what was this couple from London looking for.

They brought their families from Australia and South Africa to the Basque Country to enjoy their wedding. We emphasise the fact of enjoying as the aim of our couple was to pass on to their relatives the passion they felt for our country. As crazy lovers of our culture, landscapes and culinary tradition, they could not have chosen a better place than the Iriarte Palace in Bidania (Tolosa, Gipuzkoa).

The wedding was celebrated on a Monday with 21 guests, Why not?. We love these kind of weddings where the couples replace the “have to” statement with the “want to” one. It is in these weddings where everything goes by beautifully and naturally, without fearing about schedule and opinions. The idea is simple, having fun and allowing inner emotion to burst.

The day couldn’t have started better; friends, family and a champagne bottle while the hairdressers and makeup artists were doing their job. Everything went fluently from the start to the end. The ceremony was masterfully performed by a friend (where laughter and tears were assured) after which we carried out the couple session in the same garden. Despite of being a phew, the ball was as fun as hell, they even brought a Dj from London! It was impossible to forget. In fact, we have named it as the “Golden wedding”

Thank you very much Cat and Brendan for trusting us and for being such a good ambassadors of the Basque Country. Hope you love your wedding report as much as we have loved your wedding. Your album is already on its way ;)

Congratulations for their incredible job to Izaskun Pablo (make up artist) y Kaiz Florist´s.

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