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Wedding in Basque Country, Spain | Mandragora Photographers

Wedding in Basque Country | Yoana&Santi

We live in a world in constant change. Cameras, styles, trends… nothing escapes this unstoppable progress. We, wedding photographers based in Basque Country (Spain), are not an exception. Before adapting to a novelty, the next one and the next one come along. At a rhythm, that keeps you entertained and clueless at the same time. Clueless because with so many notifications you run the risk of losing the focus of what is important. We often wonder where our wedding photography will go. This winter we have given many turns to the subject and there is one thing that we have very clear. The couples that hire us are the lighthouse that illuminates our future (this last one has left me very happy, but well, that is the way it is).

However, what are our couples like? The grooms and brides from Mandragora, first seek to enjoy with your relatives, leaving aside the trivial and highlighting the important details. That was how the wedding of Yoana and Santi was like. A couple of Basques living in Belgium. Another of your traits is the sensibility you have for art. Almost everyone likes cinema, photography, or as it is in this case, architecture. That is why you value our work and always respect our way of working. Thank you!

Therefore, if you are going to marry, our advice is as follows; Escape the “noise” of the Internet and listen to your inner voice. That which tells you what is important to you.

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