Fotógrafos de boda. Hondarribia, Gipuzkoa

Wedding in Gipuzkoa. Carla&Corey

Boda-en-Restaurante-Abeletxe_001One of the main features of our couples is simplicity and being practical. Just as Corey&Carla are, a lovely couple who decided to go all in and give it all at their wedding. But, what do we mean with this? Very simple, they organized EVERYTHING in the same place. Honestly, it was as if our dreams were coming true! It is an amazing idea to celebrate the whole wedding in the same place, not so say how confortable it is for us. They got dressed, celerated their wedding, their banquet, danced… everything in the gorgeous and recently renewed Abeletxe Restaurant in Zizurkil (Gipuzkoa, Basque Country- Spain).

As you can notice, we love this kind of weddings, as the hustle and the bustle typical from wedding is avoided. The rate of the day goes slower when there is no need to move from one place to another, and the atmosphere is far more relaxed and natural. Getting prepared turns into a moment where you can have a chat with your friends and family without worrying about the time.

Having the ceremony celebrated by relatives and friends does also make the difference. Feelings burst easier and protocols are almost forgotten. However, we feel really grateful for the incredible planification which made everything even easier, specially thanks to Beatriz, the lively mother of the bride, who had every detail and surprise perfectly organized. She managed to move our feelings, even provoking a sudden outburst of tears to our great groom, Corey.

This place in Gipuzkoa (Spain) was perfect for this kind of “slow-wedding”. Edurne Pasaban’s renovated restaurant, has been built to suit everykind of weddings to the ground. The place is open and clear, divided into three floors purposely distributed for the ocassion. The distribution is cunningly made, as the first and most spacious floor is used to serve the banquet and the second one for the ball and the open bar with a cozy chillout area. The third floor was the biggest bet that restaurant has made with the makeover, as it is decorated as a flat, where the couple and the wedding guests can get prepared in a comfy atmosphere.

We are eager to repeat the experience in such a superb place. Wow Aitziber, we want more weddings in your wonderful Abeletxe Restaurant! Thank you very much to the Abeletxe team and also to Bokado for receiving us in such a lovely way and hope to happen to meet again.

And well, Carla and Corey, we have run out of words with you! Thank you very much for your unconditional trust and allowing us to act as free as we needed to be ourselves.

Loads of mandragokisses!






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