Fotógrafos de boda. Hondarribia, Gipuzkoa

Wedding at Torre Satrústegui. San Sebastian | Amaia & Iñaki

At Mandrágora, we’ve been championing authentic weddings for a while. But, is there such a thing as a fake wedding? The Instagram phenomenon has led many wedding photographers to re-create picture-perfect weddings, with amazing models who are also fake. We stand against the tyranny of the dreaded “like” and only support what is real and true. The wedding of Amaia and Iñaki is a clear example of an authentic wedding.

We Basques are true foodies and we love to meet with the whole Kuadrilla (group of friends) to cook and eat with gusto. We can’t resist sharing a table and feeling the warmth of our friends and family. When Amaia and Iñaki decided to get married, they had to ask themselves: How do we organise the wedding? Well, as we would any weekend in Basque society! First, we need to find a location. For a wedding, there’s no better views in San Sebastian than at Torre Satrústegui. It’s an amazing place! Do we have time to prepare everything? ummmm…I don’t think so. We need a helping hand (Virginia, from Sunday Atelier Wedding Planner). And most importantly, we need close friends, and lots of txuleta!

Now for the best part, the ceremony! The couples who hire us don’t tend to be too “cutesy”. We don’t like things too sickly sweet. Hahaha But that doesn’t mean we aren’t sentimental. This wedding was a perfect example. We loved the testimonies made by friends, family and of course, the couple. Everyone spoke from the heart. And there was a whole lot of hugs! At Mandrágora, we always say that romance is in all those intimate moments that you share with your partner. For us, weddings are first and foremost exciting and fun. After the ceremony, came the eating, dancing and singing. That song by canción del Potro Rodriguez is still stuck in our heads… Diegoo! Diegooo! Amaia and Iñaki, you’re the best!

Thank you Bokado Bodas, Sunday Atelier and DJ Música para mi boda.


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