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Denak Bat. Anna&Matt

In Mandragora we are up to date with the news and trends that come from all over the world. But at the same time we are very local, because we value our way of life in our beloved town, Hondarribia (Gipuzkoa). Whenever we go outside we say with pride that we are wedding photographers from […]

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Selected Europe. Visual Inspiration from Bilbao

We are very proud that we have been published in the book Selected Europe. Visual inspiration From Bilbao.  A book that brings together the main references of European design like Design Bridge, Foster&Partners, Mugaritz or Vignelli. The interview: What’s your idea of Design? Society has a very stereotypical idea of wedding photography. And often with good reason. […]

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Okay, it is undeniable that photographers love to be involved in weddings that happen in spectacular places such as London. Not to mention how gorgeous it shows in Christmas time. However, leaving the location aside, this couple and familiar photographic report has awaken our emotional side and provided us with experiences with people with which […]

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