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Best Wedding Photographers (UnionWep, Spain )

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We still feel really thrilled about this great Award that Unionwep, best Wedding Photographers‘ association of Spain, has given us. It is not a mere trifle to be recognised as the best Wedding Photographers of the year and neither to be awarded by a close colleague and friend as Xulio Pazo. We couldn’t avoid to have our legs shaking.It has been a great year for us. We have fought as warriors, have tried the impossible to achieve the best story of each wedding we have worked in. Our couples trust us no matter what it takes and cannot owe them less. They are the motor and power that help us to get better professionals each day. They influence us to learn of our own work so that we don’t stop developing our skills.

We believe in long distance careers and not in sudden ones. So, for now on we will continue forward, offering a quality warranty to those who decide to trust us when it comes to hire us as your wedding photographers.

We want to give special thanks to the Bodaf 2015’s organisation, to Unionwep and to Andrés Parro. But, on top of everything, we feel really grateful to our couples. This wouldn’t have been possible without their full confidence. We do also want to thank all of our friends, colleagues and family, who are always there to support us.

To finish, we also want to make a special mention to our fellows from “El Marco Rojo”, Fátima, Victor and Antonio, for the care you have treated us these days. Bodaf 2015 wouldn’t have been the same without you guys, you are definitely a very important part of the Award, THANK YOU for being the way you are!

Mejores fotografos de boda











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